There is no other program on the market like the CertainSale program, offered exclusively through Realty ONE Group Unlimited. The program was created in 1995 by Greg Bardell and has guaranteed the sale of over 900 homes and $135,000,000 over the last 20 years.

CertainSale Works! It answers the ever-prevailing questions of:

  • When will my home sell?
  • How much will I receive?
  • What am I qualified to buy when it does sell? 

We perform extensive research to determine the expected sale price of our home in todays’ market and the time needed to sell it. If the home does not sell within the first 120 days, you receive your guaranteed equity amount and move into your new home! We then assume responsibility for making all mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and utility payments on the home until it is sold. If the home sells and incurs a net loss, your agent and our company assume financial responsibility for the loss! If the home sells and we have a net gain, we send you the money! Yes, you read that correctly!

Buying Power. Flexibility. Peace of Mind.
We know what you are thinkingThis sounds too good to be true. It comes down to this: we are so confident in our ability to get your home sold, we are willing to guarantee it! Times are tough and those wanting to purchase another home while having a home to sell have very special needs. So, we have developed this program in a way to help you simplify the process by obtaining the mortgage financing you need while minimizing your risk, even if you haven’t sold your existing home!

Once you meet the qualifying criteria and enter the CertainSale program, you are in a stronger buying position, giving you more control over your purchase. That is the advantage of a CertainSale Equity Guarantee! You don’t have to worry about when your home will sell or the price at which it sells.

Our Approach
We believe it is important to work hard, to treat people right, and to tell them the truth. Those are the core beliefs behind the development of CertainSale. It is an integral part of how we work. When you choose to work with us, you will come to understand our commitment to this philosophy. Nobody can match what we do and how we do it! That is our guarantee to you.

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